What they don't know won't hurt them. Part 1

They walked through the halls, hand in hand; Christina and Daniel; a picture perfect couple straight out of a fairy tale. To him she was his princess and to her he was her prince. The whole student body of South Point Senior High envied them, wanting to have what they have; unconditional, irrevocable love. The way they were always together and somehow managed to walk in step made their love seem almost magical. Every guy wanted an Christina and every girl wanted a Daniel.

“Wow. Look at Daniel! He’s gorgeous.”said Victoria
“Don’t bother. They’ve been together for 3 years now”said Lizzy.
“Really? I heard she cheated on him with Vick, all the girls on the cheer squad are talking about it.” said Olga
“No way! Do you knwo what this means!..If i get him to find out…he can break up with her..and finally be with me.”said Victoria

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