What they don't know won't hurt them.Part 3

Christina gazed into Daniels eyes..this time both their faces changed. Her’s apologetic and his filled with dissapointment.

“Daniel. I’m sorry” said Christina
“So it’s true!” exclaimed Daniel
“It meant nothing, i swear!” said Christina
“It must of meant something! Everyone in the school seemed ot knwo about it except me! Do you know how stupid i feel! What a fool i was to not have noticed!”said Daniel angrily
“Daniel! I love you! Yes my date with Vick meant something..but only at that moment..there were no connections! You have to believe me,”pleaded Victoria
“How can i believe you! when all you’ve shown me so far is that your a persistent liar!!”

By now, lunchtime was at it’s peak and Daniel and Christina’s argument turned into a show for the whole student body to see.

“I’m sorry,” Victoria pleaded on
“I don’t need your pity. Don’t talk to me anymore. least for now,” said Daniel

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