You Can't Judge A Hipster By His KnightRider Tee Shirt.

“Yo leech, check this bitch, is he lost?”

“I am sorry but if you call me leach again i am going to show what free sex is really like, and i don’t give a fuct if some wanna be hipster wanders in a punk bar, unless it looks like he is gonna get a shot of leg cause then we fuct him up.”

“Hey baby nice shirt.” sang a anorexic punk rock drink of water, clad in more leather than a jersey milk cow.

“Hey trick baby don’t think I’m cool cause knight rider was on TV when i went to jail, and i got out yesterday, they gave me the same shirt back.So unless you want to get me high or blow me move your skinny ass on, and eat something.”
“Yo Leech.”
You broke my nose.
“Hopefully it will improve your vocabulary,and did that stuffed shirt mark just walk out with Sheila the daytime hooker?”
“That is what i was saying when you broke my nose.”
“Oh God my ear.”
“Next time, don’t remind me why i hit you, now hand me those brass knuckles let’s go get the square’s wallet and Sheila”

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