The Healer

Darkness swept over her like an ocean wave, drowning her completely in her sorrow. Her molten gold and silver hair shined brightly in the moonlight, spilling over her shoulders. Her dark eyes were facing downward. Fresh sparkling tears glinting like stars upon her cheeks.

Unfortunately for this girl, her troubles were far from being over. She would soon be getting a call from the hospital telling her that her one true love was deceased. That night we would cry harder than she ever had before. She would go to the hospital to see her love before the doctors stowed him away.

But then something would happen, something this girl would never, ever forget. She would place her hands on his chest, tears filling her eyes once more, praying beyond hope that he would come alive again. Her hands would glow a bright blue color, blinding her eyes and engulfing her love. She would scream, opening her mouth in horror, no one hearing her cries.

And this is where our story begins.

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