Ask The Wonderball Part III

“Alone… on prom night…” Emily said to herself. She walked through the empty carnival.
She felt her phone vibrate in her purse.
She took it out; it read, “1 New Message From Lona”
Emily opened it up. It said, “where r u? derek is looking for you!!!”
“Derek,” she thought, “what a creep.”
She replied with, “shut up! im still creeped out about last year…”
Just after it sent, she dropped her phone. It smashed with a loud “CRACK!” “Shit,” Emily whispered. She picked it up and put the pieces into the front pocket of her purse. She felt a tap on her shoulder.
She turned around with a fright and there was Derek. The Creeper. “Hey, I uh… sorry. I’ll just go,” he said nervously. “No, no. It’s fine. I’d rather spend the night with you than this empty wasteland.”
They rode the “Tilt-a-Whirl” together. They talked. They held hands. They fell in love. They leaned in. To kiss. Their lips almost touched, but then they heard the gun shots. Derek felt Emily jerk back.
He wiped the blood off his face. He screamed.

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