Stuck in the Storm [Egnellahc Sdrawkcab]

“Ok men! That tropical storm we were in a few days ago really set us off course!” The captain yelled to his men around him. The airship they were on was badly beaten, and flying low over the waters of the Pacific, rain still pounding down.

“We have 178 passengers here on the Rosaline today, all of them ready to get to Hawaii. We are also very low on Hydrium, and I hate flying this low above the ocean. There are many uncharted islands out here, and we know some of them have natural hydrium reserves.” He continued.

“But sir?” The pilot called out. “Aren’t some hydrium reserves almost deadly if you do not have the right equipment?”

“I know Mr. Frowler!” The captain retorted.

“Captain! Theres and island up ahead!” Another crewman cried.

“Bring her in steady Mr. Fowler!” The captain ordered. They neared the island quickly, ushered along by strong winds.

“Captain! I can’t pull her up! And we can’t stop with these winds!” Fowler yelled.

In the dark a large cavern appeared, approaching quickly.

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