To go in, or Not to go in! {Summer Vacation Challenge}

“I am not going in there!” Dennis said, looking nervously at the brick building.

“Oh come on. are you really scared of a little doll?” Chrissy asked, lookig at the poster by the door. The poster had a large picture of a doll, and the writing above it said, “Robert the Doll! Now on display!

“Its haunted! Can’t we got to the Shipwreck Museum, or Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, or even Hemmingway’s House?” Dennis asked.

“Please dear? We only come down here to the keys every other year! Last time we went to Ripley’s, and you saw how packed Hemmingway’s was!” Chrissy said, giving him the puppy dog eyes.

“Fine! You can go in to see this doll, but I’m not. I’ll be at the beach over there!” He said, nodding over to the small beach across the street. Right then the famous Conch Train drove past, tourist taking pictures of the musuem which was home to Robert.

“Okay, I will go in alone! But your missing some great stuff! I’ll make sure to get lotts of pictures!” She said, walking through the door.

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