Metting Robert. {Summer Vacation Challenge}

Chrissy walked into the musuem, soaking in everything she saw. She took pictures every so often with her camera of some object she liked. Finally, she came to the glass case that contained Robert. To her amazment, the sight of the doll sent chills down her spine. She was never this scared when she had first heard Robert’s story, or even looking at his picture online. The museum was almost empty, and no one occupied the room with her.

“Hello Robert…” She said, nervous. She looked at the doll, and finally realized why Dennis was so freaked out by him.

Chrissy lifted her camera up slowly, raising it to get a good angle. Right as she clicked the shutter button, the camera turned off.

“What?” Chrissy cried, trying to turn on the camera again. “But..” She looked back up at the doll, determined to get a picture of him. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, opening the camera and got ready to take a picture. She clicked. The first picture was black. Again..

Chrissy quickly shut the phone, walking out.

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