Aftermath {Summer vacation Challenge}

“Dennis!” Chrissy yelled, coming out of the building. Dennis was still standing outside, waiting.

The two sat on the beach, the camer and phone sat between them as Chrissy told her story.

“It won’t turn on! I pressed the button to take the picture, and…And it just turned off!” Chrissy cried, pointing at the camera.

“Maybe you put in bad batteries this morning?” Dennis said calmly.

“I don’t think so!” Chrissy said, still a little freaked. “But that still doesn’t explain the other two photos!” She said, grabbing the phone. She flipped it open and showed him the first photo.

“Its black?” He asked. “Bad lighting I guess.”

“Oh no! Look at this!” Chrissy said, going to the second picture.

“What the?” Dennis creid, looking at the photo. All it showed were Roberts eyes, the rest was blured out. Just the two glaring eyes.

“See!?” Chrissy yelled.

The two looked at eachother nervously. Right then, a sound came from between them as the camera suddenly turned back on.

“Ok, I’m freaked!”

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