Pen Pals

I don’t really know what it is that stops me from just saying the words, but I find that there is a kind of binding between my ribs on even the simple phrases.


“How’s it going?”

Very simple statements, but apparently too difficult to actually pour out of my mouth. It’s this problem that led me to my current issue. The one about where I can’t even send a letter so long as it has the word “you” is in it.

So here I am. Post office. Been here for at least three hours and I still can’t bring myself to just put a letter in a mail slot. I don’t even need to be here and I’m sure the folks behind the counter are starting to wonder about what exactly is in this envelop in my hand.

I’ve about worn a groove in my soles from walking crossways. And I can’t even send an anonymous letter for fear of you figuring my whole master plan out.

Too timid for conversation. Even those based on distance.

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