End of the world. Part2

“Please send Antoine to the nurses office.” said theoffice attendant

Antoine walked quickyl to the office not knowing what was in store.

“Pee in this cup please.” said the Nurse Bertha

“WHAT!?! WHY !!!” Antoine exclaimed.

“I have been informed by an anonymous source that you may possible be on drugs. Therefore the by laws require any student under the suspicion of drugs to be screened,”Nurse bertha infortmed Antoine

“Damn Evelyn. Her and her assumptions,”Antoine whispered angrily.

Antoine did as the nurse instructed him and turned in his urine filled cup. Just as he suspected the results tested negative for any drugs. The nurse felt a sense of shame sweep across her face and as for Antoine a sense of pride swept across his. Soon after his meeting with the nurse, he set on his quest to find evelyn.

“EVELYNNN!!!” Antoine yelled across the halls.
“Hey Antoine!” Exclaimes Evelyn.
“Don’t hey me! Your in for it! I can’t believe you!” said Antoine

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