Tom Henry [Epic Challenge]

The gasps were loud,
His father stood proud.
All there have sworn,
The whole world changed,
The day Tom Henry was born.

New mother, full of joy,
“Announce to all, finally a boy!â€?
All the village heard horn,
Announcing to the world,
That Tom Henry was born.

How long they had waited,
With breath held bated.
King and Queen had sworn,
Their promise fulfilled,
The day Tom Henry was born.

News of celebration,
Reached entire nation.
First male not stillborn,
“Had curse been lifted?â€?
Asked when Tom Henry was born.

The outskirts of town,
One man held frown.
Upset and forlorn,
A challenge to his power,
That Tom Henry is born.

“The curse had not been lifted,â€?
Sat in his chair and sifted.
“I must now warn,
An ominous thing,
That Tom Henry was born.�

Approaching the gate,
He grew intensely irate.
The castle walls adorned,
With banners proclaiming,
“A male child is born.â€?

“All heed my warning,
If this boy lives past morning,
You will release my scorn,
This town will whither and die,
For allowing Tom Henry be born.�

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