What Now?

What should I do? Your not an jerk, you just made a jerk mistake. Everyone tells me I should hate you but I don’t. Disapointed, yes. Sad, yes. Angry, not at you. I don’t want to stop talking to you even though everyone says I should.

Ok so you didn’t tell me everything. Sure that one thing you didn’t tell me was a big thing. A relationship ending thing. But its not like we were actually going out. Maybe I just overreacted? Maybe I shouldn’t have told my best friend the second after you told me? Maybe I was reading too much into what we “had”?

I don’t know and really don’t know where this leaves us. I know you’re cool with continuing to talk but am I? Can I really handle that? Ok I’m being dramatic. Of course I could handle that but can I do that with out falling for you all over again?

You weren’t completely truthful and I got hurt. You didn’t tell me about the girlfriend you had gotten right before we met and still have and my rotten luck showed through once again. What happens now?

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