A Disney Dream

Aeriel was laying on the couch with her mother reading about princesses, “Mommy, will I ever be a princess.” “If you dream big enough,” she replied. “Oh,” Aeriel said, falling asleep on her mother’s lap.
Aeriel was on a plane to Florida. She was dressed up in a Hannah Montana costume, “Oh boy, oh boy!” she thought. “We are almost there!” and before she knew it, she was there. She watched as all the passengers on the plane offered to help her off the plane, “It’s fine, no need to.” She would reply. Aeriel danced off the plane and walked in rythm twirling her long blonde hair into Magic Kingdom. “Good evening, dear princess, you dreamed big enough!” sang the passengers from the plane. “We are your butlers, for the day.” “Oh no, oh boy, I’m getting pretty hun-gry.” sang Aeriel. “Soda, pop, a lolipop? Whatever you want, just please, don’t affront.” “I won’t don’t worry, I just want a simple banana spilt.” “Comin right up!” chanted a red headed butler.

(to be continued.)

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