Goo Slimes and Plippions

“Oh, that sounds so cool! I definatly want to come!” Keylala cried, almost bouncing in her seat. Only the top of Arrow’s head was viewable from Ivana and Fang’s. Arrow was poking the screen curiously, mumling words that could not be understood.

“I was thinking we could also have Vardon come along.” Ivana said calmly, and Keylala’s expression changed.

“Vardon? Why him? He’s such a…A Goo Slime!” Keylala cried, her nose scrunched up as if she had cught wiff of the gas of a Plippion. Ivana still had her cool demeanor continuing, “You shouldn’t be complaining. He saved you from those Greater demons on Celestrial Island. And I know he would like to come.”

“Yeah but.” Keylala said. Fang turned around as the cry of another filled the room behind them. “Where are you?” Kaylala asked.

“The scout base in Akronia. Unlike you, I don’t have rich parents that bought me my own house and telescreen.” Ivana said as Fang went to investigate the cry. Before Keylala could say anything, Fang came back with someone.

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