She's Early

I forgot everything I had decided from that Friday afternoon. Short shorts and a low-cut tank top cling to my body as I walk to art class with Shayleigh. We laugh constantly at inside jokes, me laughing like it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
But it’s not that funny. It hurts to smile, and all I want to do is break down and cry. But I pretend like everything is okay, giggling as Shayleigh reenacts the time her boyfriend tried to lick her ear.
“I wished I had earmuffs soooo bad!” she shouts.
She’s only talking to me, but it’s like we’re shouting at the whole school. Everyone’s sure we’re having the time of our lives.
Everyone except me. When we reach the art room I collapse at my usual seat, slamming my head in my arms on my desk. Shayleigh sits on the other side of the room and we’re the only ones there but the teacher, who never notices a thing. We’re early, and I have five minutes to think happy thoughts and glue on my best fake smile. Suddenly, a voice makes me jump.
“Are you okay?”
She’s early

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