Strange Normalities: The Reading

Proper Society Vid NOTES :
Observed: much small talk, no bold topics
Solution: dive into deep personal questions

Observed: quietly conversing
Solution: be loud and proud!

Observed: put on false persona for others, blend in
Solution: stick out as much as possible

Observed: tell others what they want to hear, may conflict w/ own feelings
Solution: say what you mean mean what you say

Problem: How does society maintain order within itself, allowing for “diversity without changing?”
Solution: Diversify @ all costs

Conclusion: Given standards to be met, boundaries to be observed, norms to be achieved, to remain sane one must _defy all standards, boundaries, norms, etc, etc, etc.

The instructor paused, allowing the words to sink in.

Everyone was deathly still & silent, in absolute shock at my nerve. It was so quiet, a feather dropping would’ve sounded like dropping seventeen armloads of china.

We sat, watching, listening, waiting for the verdict of our peers.

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