Beautiful,Expressive Green Eyes (Pen's Hauntingly Beautiful Challenge)

An ambient light surrounds her from behind. It makes her look radiant. Maybe, I was just blinded by love. But she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Her long, shiny, chestnut hair framed her face. It reached far below her elbows . Her silky strands ended in corkscrew curls. Her hair was stunningly beautiful and appeared to be smooth and healthy. It reflected light that shone on it, like brilliant diamonds.

She looked at me, as if she could look deep into my soul. Her face, illuminated by her expressive green eyes,held a relaxed expression. Her lips, like her cheeks, a rosy pink and slightly flush. Her complexion smooth and clear.

When she looked at me, she appeared to be lost.. She didn’t speak, but I could feel her communicate with me, with those expressive eyes,that mingled and danced with mine. They expressed concern and longing. She looked to her right and her left. Within a blink of an eye, she vanished.

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