Organising the procedure [Unexpected twist challenge]

“Hello Mrs Jones, please take a seat,” the professional yet kindly looking man in the green smock said.

“I understand your concerns, but you have to think of the advantages. Think about how he slips out at night, comes back bitten and scratched and needs all that care. Really, don’t you think that it would be better for the poor creature if that wasn’t the case?”

“Well, I suppose that you are right, doctor.” her chill demeanour was thawing. “And wouldn’t you like to get rid of all those unwanted pregnancies?” he pressed his advantage.

“You know doctor, ” she said conspiratorially, “Mr Smythe down the street looked at me so crossly in the pharmacy yesterday, I am positive that he thinks Sylvester is responsible for theirs.”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Jones” he closed the deal, “Here at we guarantee discretion. And with our super stealth package deal, our operatives will operate completely under the radar. Your husband will wake up in Tijuana after a heavy boys’ weekend, and never be the wiser.”

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