After the Before he Cheats (Sing-Song Challenge)

“Why don’t I take you back to my place?” Ray asks Laura as they walk out of the bar.
“Surrreee,” Laura struggles to say as she stumbles down the parking lot. She giggles.

They reach his car.
“Oh hell no! Who would do this to my car!?”
His car had been keyed down the side. Also the headlights smashed and the tires flattened.
“Whatttt… appened to yourr ar babby?” Laura asks laughing again and spinning in circles. “Wooooo! Hahaha!”

What is he going to do now? He wants his fix tonight but he doesn’t have a car to go home in. He wonders who could have done this. His girlfriend has no idea that he is out at the bar. She thinks he is out on a trip. Ray opens the car door to find_Carrie_ was carved into his leather seats.

“Damn, she does know.”
“You bet I do.”

He turns around to see Carrie standing right behind him.

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