Time to Shine: Part 2

I didn’t win the talent show. There were about 200 kids competing in it. I got 3rd place which is still good, so I was proud of myself.
“Hey! OMG Rena you did great!”
That was Jenette, always thinking positive. Maybe that was the reason we were best friends.
“Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!”
“Rena, look. There he is.”
Whoa. There he was. Strutting down the hallyway. Coming straight at me. Trey. Trey Harborheart. Only the most beautiful 8th grade boy in the whole world. Actually the most beautiful boy in any grade. To bad I was in 7th grade. He never noticed me, but there he was walking toward me, flipping his blondr hair, his green eyes sparkling.
“Hey Rena. I’m Trey.”
“I already know. I’m Rena!”
He smiled.
“I already know.”
OMG ! He was talking to me.
“I saw you up on stage. You were great!”
Here it was. Mine time to shine!

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