One Way Street

“And what exactly do you know about my caliber?” she asked, sticking her head out the window.

“I’ve seen your type before. Now get out and I’ll give you five seconds to run,” the old chief commanded.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ like this,” she told him, grabbed the gun and made a poorly aimed shot through the windshield. Her accomplice clapped his hands to his ringing ears. Within seconds the engine was purring and they were reversing out of the alley.

She ripped the steering wheel to the right but instead of stopping to put the car in drive, she continued backwards through the city.

“What the hell are you doing?!” he screamed.

She shrugged without looking away, “It’s a one way street.” Her constant cool still hadn’t ceased to impress him. Suddenly skidding to a halt, she whipped the car down a side street and began weaving between the buildings back to the highway wih enough speed to flatten a circus.

And there it was. A tour bus screeched to a halt in the interesction with no time for the Galaxie to stop.

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