Memories Take Me Back

I grabbed my coat and headed for the door, I was tired of this party. I was tired of the loud music, the drinking and the fake smiles. And I was tired of pretending none of it mattered.
I got in my car and drove the 5 miles to my building in the artist district…the rent was getting insane, I should probably move somewhere a little cheaper before I go broke.
Sorry, I got off topic, anyways. I got out my car and went up the 6 flights of stairs to the roof. There was a little garden and a little cafe table and all that, it was a good place to think.
I stood by the edge of the roof and looked down at the cars and people walking around down below. I closed my eyes and turned my face up to the moon, letting the cool air fill my head and clear my thoughts.
I sat down on one of the little chairs and took a deep breath, letting all the memories take me back to that summer a few years ago…

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