Within You Without You

Rohn and I eventually formed a pretty good friendship in spite of the whole Halloween episode. He came over to my house on a regular basis to hang out or do homework.

One time, when Rohn, Hannah and I were in the front yard doing homework, we all decided to walk down to the Edgewood Cave. It’s pretty neat to live in a house above a cave but I don’t get to go down there too often because my parents want me to have someone with me.

Rohn was fascinated by the cave but we were bored again rather quickly. Rohn decided that climbing up the hill would be a better way to get back to my house so he climbed up ahead of Hannah and me.

I made it halfway up the hill before I started to fall and Rohn pulled me up. Then he pulled Hannah up but almost flipped over the hillside. Poor guy! Hannah and I aren’t heavy by any means but he was so tiny then!

Later, my mom and I drove Rohn and Hannah home. Rohn asked Hannah for her number and I was crushed.

I thought he liked me! I wanted to explode into sobs

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