Cross My Heart

“Ok so you’re going to love me for forever and ever after I tell you this…you ready?” Claire said, practically overflowing with excitement.
I smiled, “Well, I’m not that ready, so maybe you could tell me in a little bit?”
Claire laughed, “Shut up! Here it is: I set the two of us on a double date. Me and Matt and you’re gonna meet this Chase guy. I’m amazing right?”
My smile wavered a little. “Blind date? Ugh come on Claire. We’re only here a month, do we have to waste it meeting guys we don’t know?”
She looked a little let down but then her face brightened, “I’ll let you wear that red dress of mine that looks amazing on you!”
I sighed, completely defeated, I loved that dress. “Oh fine. But if it doesn’t work, you aren’t setting me up on anymore dates.”
She grinned, “It’ll be great, cross my heart and hope to die.” She said, making an X on her chest.
“Claire, I worry about your sanity.” I laughed and ate a strawberry. How bad could one date be anyways?

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