Jonas Part 83: Surprise

Kevin stared at his little brother, his eyes wide with hurt.
Joe came to Kevin’s rescue. “Nick, c’mon. Kevin just likes to go fast. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone. You know it was an accident. You’ll be fine. Shhh,” he soothed, slowly tugging Nick away from the driver’s window, “You’d be crying if it was broken. You’re okay.”
Nick looked down at his arm. It was starting to bruise, but it didn’t seem broken. “Sorry, Kevin..” he mumbled as he turned away to walk towards the house, no longer clutching his arm. When we were all safely in the house, Kevin left. To everyone’s surprise, he just backed up a few yards and pulled into my neighbor’s driveway.
I turned to Joe. “Why is he going there?” I asked.
“Surprise,” He whispered, “How you doing, neighbor?”
“NO WAY !” I exclaimed, “SWEEEETT!”
But, unfortunately, it was getting dark. People’s parents began to come to pick them up. Nick N left to walk home. And Charlie and Sam left on foot too. We couldn’t stay together too long, we had school. again.

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