Crowds chanted as Draimor and Apollo entered their opposite tactic chambers. The stage had been set for this final clash, the lone undefeated combatants, each masters of Bodies.

The rules are not simple, but the laws of the game are; gravity and attraction. Far below the chambers it sat, a massive spherical playing field, the surface covered by billions of titanium ball bearings. Stabilized in mid-air, its undulating nature interrupted only by granite slabs anchored to the North and South poles.

These slabs, and the playing field itself, are the key to Bodies.

Draimor activated the tactic holoscreen. With it he’s able to monitor visualizations of the sphere, control his granite pieces and manipulate the gravtable.

A thousand meters across the stadium, Apollo was also busy preparing.

With a jolt, the entire stadium darkened, lights dimmed and the announcer boomed through the stadium walls.

“Bodies begins noooooooow!”

Draimor drew a deep breath, tapped his gravtable and prepared for the ball to drop.

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