999 spaces (Spare The Rod Part 3)

“Eugene, how many runners?”
“Two a man and a woman, if you call em that.”
“Did you catch em?”
“Couldn’t, someone else got em first.”
“What? Who?”
“We tracked em into town. It was that preacher and his boy in the buckboard. Let me tell you something, the were dropped almost at the same time with a rifla at point blank range, watten’ no preacher shoots like that.”

A figure emerged from the shadows and spoke, “Yeah it was a preacher, the chapllin what rode with Quantrel’s raiders.He also strangled his wife, the youngin’s maw’ with his bare hands,claimed he saw the devil in her.”

“How you know all this mayor?” Eugene asked.
“Cause i sent for him. We done strung up three preachers for gettin’ in the way of our little workforce, i fugured this preacher will just be glad to be somewhere whiskey and whores isn’t forbidden fer im’

“Paw yeer eye looks like it got sum a dem crazy folks blood in it, it’s all black can you see out of it?
“I have never seen thing’s so clearly.”

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