the dream: part 31 cow pjs

i was in my room, it was 12 am, i was blasting my jonas brothers cd, but other than that. my house was quiet and dark. untill, there was a knock on my bedroom door, i was in my blue epidemic shirt and my green cow pajama shorts, when i opened the door to see carter there. “OH MY GOSH !” was all i managed to get out, before he put his hand to my mouth. “Geez Mandy, try to wake up your parents?” he walked in.
“CARTER, whaat are you doing here?” i said, with great enthusiasm.
he smiled, “just dropped by to say hi.” he began to laugh.
I didnt think it was too funny, especially if my dad were to walk in the room any moment now.

“what, huh, how.. where…?” i was so confused, how did he get in, where did he get in, why did he come this late?

“there you go with youre incomplete sentences again.”
he laughed.
he pulled me close into a hug, and he held on liek it was our last.
“so how have you been?” he asked.
“ive been good, how have you been?”
“ive been okay.”
he let go of our hug and just studied my face.

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