the dream: part 32 the secret

i dont know how, but the way he looked at me, the intensity, always intimidated me or left me breathless.
“so when are you going to tell me what this huge “secret” is with you and your family?” i asked.
“uhm. i promised id tell you when it was the right time. but thats not now.”
“please carter, im tired of waiting i want to know. ”
”....later, il tell you later.”
“please tell me now…. please, Carter.”
“mandy, youre not ready now. trust me, when youre ready ill tell you, but until then, you have to believe me. okay?”
i was disappointed and he could tell.
he pulled me into another hug, and to lighten the mood he changed the subject.
“so, you like the jonas brothers this much?” he said pointing to my ipod and speakers playing the cd and my closet doors with new posters.
“yes, im going to marry nick jonas one day, dont you know?” i smiled. he chuckled.

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