Autumn World

I reached as far as my arms would allow me to, my fingers wriggling and grasping for the roughness of the bark. My eyes were screwed shut, keeping out the dizziness of the realization of how high up I really was.

Taking a steady long breath of the crisp and fresh air of September, I pulled my foot just a infinitesimal amount upwards on the knobbly skin of the great tree, praying for another foothold. My prayers were answered, and my foot found a thick branch.

Finally, I decided to open my eyes. I squinted into the sun, making sure to keep my deathgrip on the large trunk of the tree, and my feet steady on the branches below me. The sun glinted off the surface of the deep azure lake spread out like a map below me.

The amazement of the morning universe stunned me into a serene state of mind and I forgot my fear of heights. And as the wind twirled the orange and gold leaves like tiny burning angels, and as the sun shone down from above, I new that Autumn had truly arrived.

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