the dream: part 33 mood killer

“oh really.. well, thats going to be a while from now, so hopefully your mind changes.” he chuckled.
“shut up.” i said playfully, “i will, just watch.” i said smiling.
he just smiled.
“so, how long do you plan to be here before you leave?” i asked.
“a few minutes i guess, or hours. however long.”
i laughed, “i mean, before you move, this cant be permanent.”
Mayn, i really knew how to be a mood killer, here he was. the guy id been dreaming about, literally, and this is how i show him i missed him. GREAT .
” a few years, im not exactly sure.” was his response.
“oh, okay.”
i was wondering what would happen with all this, it was summer and wow, it was weird. i missed my buddies, and all our sleepovers, i was in my own world.
“mandy.” he said trying to get my attention.
“i have to go now, youre dads coming and i have to get back home.” he gave me a quick hug, kiss on the cheek, and was gone before i could blink.
my dad walked in, half asleep, “mandy, what are you doing?, who are you talking to

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