Time to Shine: Part 3

“Thanks! Did you see me?”
O.M.G. I seriously needed to get a life. Sometimes I spazz-out in front of him.
He laughed.
“Yes! I saw you. You got third place right?”
I thought it would be better if I didn’t talk that much.
“Cool, thats really awsome! Hey, tommarow me and a couple of friends are chilling at my place after school. Do you guys want to come?”
I’m sure Jeanette wouldn’t mind. I looked at her. She gave me a thumbs up sign.
“Cool, just come by after school!”
He smiled then walked away.
“Bye!” I called as he was leaving.
Right then and there, I was so happy that I said yes! I was jumping up and down with Jeanette.
“Did he just ask me out?”
“I think so, and you said YES !”
Yes. I said Yes. I should’nt have though. I really shouldn’t have.

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