Inside The Secret Passage and Out Again

- Carlene -
“Probably, that is if they don’t come after us.” I said sitting down beside her on my haunches, “but then I don’t think they could if they wanted to, holes to small. Most are bigger than you.” I phased back into my human from.

“I hope they don’t bother trying.” Renita said, phasing back. I giggled as I noticed her matted hair. “What?” She asked, her face looked a little afraid.

“Nothing, just your hairs a little wild.” I said, she immediatley began running her fingers through her, making it look much better. “Well, I can’t stay long, have to get back soon.” I kept my voice soft as the howls got even closer.

“Oh, ok, I’ll stay here.” She said beginning to make herself comfortable.

“Be back soon.” I said making my way through the tree and out in the open just as the other werewolves made their way through the trees.

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