Peripheral Evil Part 4.5 (Not Just OK Wonderful)

“Church, either drive me or i’ll ride my bike.”
Sully’s dad whispered in her ear, “Take him it’s probly about a girl.”

Rosalyn studied the Monster behind the Deacon, for a clue of his victim.
“Hey weirdo that middle school kid is staring at you.” Her lil Sis teased.
When she saw him he had already exited the last pew and headed for the back.
“She has a small bladder”, her mother quiped at Rosalyn’s hasty flight from edification.
Sully almost wet his pants when the girl entered the bathroom one second behind him, flinging her arms around him and passionately pressing her lips to his.
Their mouths parted only long enough for her to say,”I knew you’d come. I’m not alone you see em don’t you?”
“yyeahh.” he stuttered.

She forced their mouths together one last time, with her full breast flattened on his young chest, before dashing out.
“Wait who are you?”
“Sssh. Rosalyn.”
“Your #.”
“On the door, silly.”

“Was church OK?”
“Not OK. Mom it was wonderful.”

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