I sneaked another glance into my mirror to make sure my mascara wasn’t smudged.
I know, it was just a stupid double date [[and a blind one at that]] but still, it wouldn’t hurt to make a good impression right?
“You look stunning hon, now come on or we’ll be late!” Claire said as she stepped out of her car.
I stole one more glance at my reflection and then followed her into the restaurant.
The first person I saw was Matt. He’s a football player, and I’m not sure what position he plays [[can you tell I’m a little clueless in the football department?]] but he’s huge. And he’s 6’3”, which makes things even better.
I looked behind him, where a beautiful guy with dark brown hair was standing.
“Miranda, this is Chase. Chase, meet Miranda, blah blah blah you know the drill. Let’s eat!” Matt said.
Chase smiled at me, revealing perfect teeth, and thats when I noticed his eyes, perfectly brown, not even a hint of imperfection. I smiled when he pulled my chair out, I could live with this, I really could.

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