Entwined Arms

She stopped just as she opened the door, her shoulders sinking.
“Yes, Taylor?” Annie said, not turning around.

I drew a deep sigh, and put my finger tips to the crook of my nose. My heart was still a mess, but here she was offering me a way out. What if she’s just lying again…? Can I trust her…?

But something deeper inside said Yes…

I looked up towards Annie, who was standing like a statue in the doorway. I finally got up and walked halfway across the room.
“Annie..? Look at me…”

She turned around slowly, her eyes reluctant to meet mine, but finally drawn to them like two beautiful blue magnets. She waited patiently as I tried to form words, my eyes still locked onto hers.

“I… I love you…”
At first, she seemed to not hear what I’d said. But as her eyes revealed, she was soon overcome by a wave of sudden joy and affection.
She smiled warmly and ran to me, embracing me tightly.
I gave in and wrapped my arms around her. It felt like I was home again.
“I love you too, Taylor”

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