Peripheral Evil Part 5.5 (Surprise Visitor)

“Sully answer the door!”
“It’s probably for you ma.”
“Just get it.”
When Sully opened the door, for the second time in two days he was befuttled.
“Www hat are you doing here? How did you find me?”
“You ran out so fast that you forgot, your backpack.It had your name and address in it.”
“You drive?”
“Only when i tutor.”
“So what about today?”
“Who is it, Sully?”
“UH Math tutor.”
“Same thing i said.”
“Quick come to my room before someone asks question.”
“I am a perfectly respectable girl, not Anne Frank, you don’t have to hide me.”
“You don’t need a mattth..” His mom didn’t finish because she saw the pretty teenager eyelashing at Sully.”
“Mom this is my friend Rosalyn.”
“Oh she must be from church right?”
“Well nice to meet you.”

The two kids sat on the porch, quietly.
“See those, they are the magpies they travel between the worlds.”she said.
“It just looks like a blur.”
“That was my first kiss.”
“Mine too.”
“Oh wait now i see, a magpie.”

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