Sheltering Arms

As I felt her breath seep through my knitted shirt, her arms hold tightly to my body, her head press into my shoulder; I felt all the darkness, all the lonelyness, melt away. It left me, leaving only light that had simply started with the smalest of flames. I felt her warmth on my arms, felt her breathing.

And her joy, it was almost palatable. I’d never felt such an uplifting sensation in my life. I never wanted it to end. “Taylor?” Her voice, oh that voice I wished to hear for ever, and after that.

I pulled back just enough for my eyes to meet er enchanting blue orbs which brimmed with tears of love and light emotions. “Yes,” I asked.

“Do you think we’ll be able to stay like this, this happy, forever?” Her voice shook with so much I couldn’t identify anything clearly.

I took her chin gently in my hand. “I hope so. No, I know we will. I will fight anything that dares try to break our shelter of love.” And slowly I leaned in to brush my lips against her’s in a soft but assuring kiss.

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