Innocently Shed

It flowed over bared fangs, red stained the pale and flawless skin of Victoria. She, subconsciously, lapped the drop from her face before it fell, wastefully, to the ground below. ‘What have I done?’ Her arms failed her and the body of her beloved fell to the ground, landing with a resounding thud upon the rich grass of midsummer. Tears filled her crimson eyes to the brim and spilled over. “N-no…” she choked. “Amber, I’m sorry,” She sobbed as she collapsed beside her fallen lover.

Amber’s golden hair was strewn across her face, which had gone from lively peach to deathly white by only her doing. Her beautiful eyes, once a bright and vivid green, were glazed over by a look that Victoria knew far too well, death. Torn scraps of cloth lay about the cemetery, blood speckled the ancient tombstones. It all looked rather cliche.

It had all started so innocently. But Victoria had never intended this. She had never wanted to hurt the girl, let alone kill her!

But there was one more thing she could try.

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