the dream: part 34 K@!

“myself.. duhh dad.” i said in my signature sarcastic tone of voice, he was too tired to think anything of it, so he just walked to his room.

i wondered how long all this would last, a few days, weeks, months, the rest of the summer, a year, the rest of high school. there was no telling of the future, and some part of it was amazingly intriguing while the other part was scaring me more and more each time i thought of it, i couldnt take any more heartbreak.

it was 2 a.m., and i needed to get some stuff off my chest, i knew the people to turn to, Kat, Alyse, Blair or Steph of course. the only one i had the heart to wake up was kat.

“h-hello?” kat answered, cleary asleep.
“KAT, DUDE , i need to talk to you!’
“Mand, its like… really late, i have summer school tomorrow.”
“i know , i know, sorry sorry, but i need to talk to you!!!”
“UGH! FINE . just kidding, wahts going on?” she was more awake now.

i explained to her the story of my “life” right now, and she was in complete awe.

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