the dream: part 36 chatt

i explained to her how he wasnt gonna be around for long, and how i was afraid of hurt, and basically spilled my full guts, shes always the one you can turn to, to sspill your guts. :]

she gave the same advice as kat, which made chosing who to listen to easier, but made mine and carters chances at getting anywhere less likely.. so much for perfect. ://

as our phone conversation started to dull down to just casual girl chat, there was a knock at the office door.

it was obviously….... someone.( no need in gettin my hopes up)

“come in!” i hollered, didnt feel much liek getting up to open the door (and im not lazy either hahah).

“hey mand.” carter said, walking towards the desk.
“hey carter.”
i stood up and wrapped my arms around his waist and he pulled me into one of his irresistible hugs, that i never wanted to let go of.
“sorry i havent been around much, ive been doing alot of work with your dad, and alot of… stuff, with my family.”
i noticed the pause before stuff, and began to wonder.

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