the dream: part 37 mr. cheesy lines

’’its totally cool. dont sweat it.”
i couldnt believe how nonchalant all this was coming out, here i am totally stressed out about our future, and i was calm. WHATS WRONG WITH ME !
i think my attitude was taking effect on him.
“ive really missed you.” he said full of melancholy, i could tell his sincerity.
all my questioning and confusion didnt matter anymore, i just wanted to be with him for the time that i had and thats what i would do.
“Ive really missed you too.” i said with a slight smile. that response made a half smile come to his face.
“so hows work?” i asked, “Hope my dad isnt working you too hard.” i giggled.
“naa, not really, its not bad at all.” he smiled, “especially since i get to see you everyday.”
“okay mr. cheesy lines.” i started to laugh, “just messing, that was cute.” i smiled.
he started to laugh too.
“oh by the way,” i added,”im going to be at my moms house for 3 weeks starting monday.”
“oh, uhm, okay. so youre not gonna be here working?”
“well that puts a dent in stuff”

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