Catching up, hopefully

About a week passed, and we went along just perfectly. But today Annie was working, so I decided to run some of my usual errands: getting groceries, working around the house, things like that. Lately I hadn’t been paying attention to the state of my own home. I’d only locked myself in my room for hours.

When I finished, I checked the phone for any missed calls or messages. 2 missed calls, 1 new message
One call was from Annie, of course, but she hadn’t left a message. The other was from Bonnie, a good friend of mine.

Hmm… I haven’t talked to Bonnie in a while. I’ll give her a call tonight.

I called Annie back, and apparently she would be stuck at work until late that night. Oh well… I’ll be able to catch up with Bonnie real well then.

After eating a small dinner consisting of spaghetti and a salad, I grabbed the phone and plopped down on the couch.
“ah, much better…”
I dialed Bonnie’s number swiftly from memory and allowed it to ring for several seconds.

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