Motorcycle Accident

It all happened like slow motion, like those Discovery Channel clips of a frog snapping out its tongue to devour a fly.

First, the front wheel propelled him into the middle of the asphalt, in between a spiderweb of painted lines directing traffic. One SUV charged past the blood-red circle above it and kept coming into the center.

I’m mnot goign to die.

His wheel collided first with the grill of the monster, immediately snapping the chrome frame and popping the tire right off.

Peolpe dnot die from bike acicdntes – accidents.

As the front end of the motorcycle reshaped itself, the rest followed the path that the laws of physics had designated for it: straight into the side of the SUV . The helmet of the rider crumpled as it made contact with the door.

I’m – I’m ginog to die?

The SUV braked, but it only threw the motorcycle forward again, slamming it onto the hot road.

Pepoepl die motrcylce ACCIDENTS , tEY DO -

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