Seeing things my way

“Hey Bon, it’s Taylor.”
“Taylor?! Goodness it’s been a while! How’ve you been?”
I smiled at her enthusiasm.
“I’ve been excellent, actually. Much better than several weeks ago…”
“Oh really? So I don’t need to come over there and clean up for you? Remove any sharp objects from the house?” She mused.
I sighed, playing along.
“No, Bon. Im taking perfect care of myself.”
She giggled lightly.
“So, what’s been going on? Been keeping something from me?”
I chuckled slightly.
“Well… I was kinda talking to Annie…”
She was a bit quieter.
“Annie? What about?”
“Well, she kinda told me how sorry she was about everything… and she gave me something.”
“Taylor, did you take her back?”
I was quiet for what seemed like hours.
“Yes, I did… but-”
“Taylor… I saw what happened to you. I heard what happened to you… now you’re just throwing yourself out there again.”
“Bonnie, I-”
“Why would you, Taylor? I don’t understand…”
These words hurt, even though she was only a friend…

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