The orphanage 20

Sophia and Abigail came over to Fay, smirking, and with amused expressions. “So?” said Abigail smiling. “So… what? What are you two so smiley about anyways?” chuckled Fay. “Oh nothing, how are you and Lucas doing?” Sophia teased. “What are you talking about?” Fay said as she felt her face getting redder. “OH! Come on Fay! You know exactly what we’re talking about!” Abigail said. “OK, maybe I do… but it doesn’t matter anyways, because he’s not interested. He doesn’t feel the same.” Fay said looking away to hide the hurt in her eyes. “Either that or he’s in denial.” Sophia shrugged. “Well enough about me and Lucas, now how about you and Marco” Fay teases, turning to Abigail, who’s face flushes immediately. “Love is in the air!” giggled Sophia.

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