This monster would soon be comming. I have used the box already. It is the dwelling of the great beast that lived there.He’s comming. He’s comming for my precious dreams. He has abandoned his box now. Why did i decide to use that box. Now my dreams are surely gone for good.
Some may say it would be a blessing to be rid of those nightmares, but those nightmares make me stronger. They make me who I am. They are what inspire everything that I do; everyhting that I should not do. The monster will take over my dreams if I let him. He will transform them into vicious things; things i cannot escape. They will be a new dwelling for the thing, a new place to wreak havoc.
I will soon go seek out the person who made this box, for they will know what other secrets it may posses. What ways there are to escape it. The monster is comming. He’s is comming to take my dreams. He is unnamed, and waiting. Waiting for what is yet to surely come. Unless i have something to say about it. The sweet music is playing agin….

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