The Wonderball

Technically, that wasn’t supposed to be there; the wonderball was only supposed to show numbers. Emily looked down in confusion, because they’d already tried yes or no questions.

“Now that’s just creepy…” mumbled Lona. Emily shook her head and let out a bark of laughter that sounded fake, even to her ears.

“There’s got to be a reasonable explanation for this…” mumbled Emily. trying to sound nonchalant. “This thing… it’s just broken that’s all.” She tossed it back into the box she’d found it in. She then resolutely headed up to the kitchen, Lona following her only after looking at the wonderball, almost looking as if the swirling blue was glowing in the dark of the attic.

And somehow, Emily forgot about the wonderball. It was senior year. What did she care about a dysfunctional toy in her attic? But Lona didn’t forget, and she always was telling her to watch the ledges, the cars. But it wasn’t anything that she knew existed on earth she should have worried about. Because technically? It didn’t.

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