Smiling Doesn't Kill

As soon as we started moving down the road, I clung tightly to him, can you blame me though? Like I said before, he was perfection [[so far atleast]].
“Here we are,” Chase said as he parked in the sand.
About 50 yards down the beach I could see torches and almost 100 people. Everyone was dancing in a big clump, except for the few people who were in the water doing God knows what.
I opened upmy mouth to object to all of this but Chase grabbed my hand and pulled me down the beach.
I looked and saw that most people were dirty dancing [[crap…]]. I sighed and threw my heels to the side, I didn’t think he’d make me do anything too…well you know.
We weaved through the crowd until we found Claire and Matt.
I did this little swaying thing until Claire leaned over and teased, “You know having a little fun probably wouldn’t kill you.”
So I threw out all the doubts in my head and danced until my feet were numb.
He leaned in, “I thought you couldn’t dance.”
I smiled…and then I realized I couldn’t stop.

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